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Carpath Enduro is a new hard enduro/extreme enduro event organized by Zen World Extreme Sports Club - the same club who organized 4 editions of Hard Enduro Piatra Neamt.

As you can see from the name the tracks are made in the Carpathian Mountains and with this new race format we can tell you that you are going to see a new face of this mountains.

We will come with more details in the next months.



After a few rounds the members of the “Zen World Extreme” club were extremely impressed by the beauty of the tracks in Piatra Neamţ area and decided to make them popular among the enduro riders.

Thus was born the idea of ​​a hard-enduro competition for both professional pilots and enduro enthusiasts. The competition aims to highlight the region as bidding on tourism planand strengthen Moldova's position on the extreme sports map.

Pilots from World Enduro Championship, Dakarand Rally-Raid World Championship come to pass their limits in the Moldavian adventure.


Since the first edition of HEPN uniquesites from Romania have been brought to the competitors and the public who followed the pictures and photos of the race. For example, in one day of the race they reached Lake Cuejdel biggest natural dam in Romania. This initiative will continue in each edition, HEPN being a sports event which aims not only to offer competitors one of the most beautifull ocations that exceed their limits, but an adventure to discover Moldova (region of Romania).

Due to landscape Hard Enduro Piatra Neamt is a hard enduro race straight from the city.

In otherwords, competitorsare going on the track straight from the city, the distances on the asphalt isverysmall.

Headquarters of the event is in Complex Strand from Piatra Neamt, public location that provides easy opportunity to get around the pilots and their teams.

CARPATH ENDURO the story of the first edition

In 2011 more then 100 riders both from Romania and France, The Netherlands and Germany met the Goşmanului Mountains and established their first contact with the stone in Neamţ county. Depending on their abilities and the technical condition of their motorcycles, the riders were divided into two categories: Expert (the most difficult track of the race) and Hobby, the girls sharing the same track with the hobby. On September 16, the enduro headquarters located in Ştrand Complex in Piatra Neamţ began to take shape, and by midnight Friday almost all the motorcycles were already in the enclosed parking lot. The first race day started on September 17, when all the riders were greeted and encouraged by the mayor of Piatra Neamţ Mr. Gheorghe Ştefan. After explaining what marks they should follow, the daring riders, including a local who competed on a motorcycle produced at the beginning of the 80s, hit the almost 70-kilometer track. The fastest rider in the Expert class was Benoit Fortunato who reached the finish line in 1 hour and 56 minutes. The French kept his leadership on the second day as well when the track was longer and more difficult thus entering the competition history as the first winner of Hard Enduro Piatra Neamţ. Ervin Kovacks, triple enduro champion of Romania, came second in the Moldavian hard enduro race, as due to the high speed he didn't see the marks on the first race day and lost much time to come back on track. Paul Harpă from Moto Club Haita in Deva finished the third taking also advantage of the technical problems Paul Frăţilă faced on the second day. Lucian Neaga, one of the Top 5 favorites, abandoned the race on the very first day due to the injury of the left knee, so the battle continued between Rienk Tunistra, Daniel Conopan, Laszlo Olah and Krisztian Nagy. The Dutch, a track manager at Red Bull Romaniacs in his everyday life, one of those working at the tracks of the most difficult hard-enduro rally in the world, repeated Daniel Conopan's fate, falling victim to the locals' traps and lost a lot of time in his attempt to get back on the track. On the first day of the race, the marks were stolen on a track section while the riders were already competing. In other words, the first riders followed the marks, while the next coming were forced to ride about the forest for minute on end trying to reach back the track after the ribbons were stolen from the trees. Fortunately, after the problem was signaled, the track managers and the recuperators managed to restore the marking and the race could continue in normal conditions. In the end, Rinek Tunistra ranked fifth followed by Daniel Conopan, Laszlo Olah, Krisztian Nagy, Ciprian Secăreanu and Ferenc Csaki.

In Hobby class, the first position went to Mirel Pandrea, a rider who, in normal conditions, could have easily competed on the more difficult track of the Expert class. The Braşov native rider was followed by Josza Norbert and Ovidiu Pavel.

The event took by surprise the public in Piatra Neamţ, but when they saw that not only men can ride up some paths which normally are hard to walk, but also women can do this - especially a teenager girl of only 12 years old - they became fans of this sport. The young lady who came to get into contact for the first time with the tracks in the Goşmanului Mountains is Iulia Conciu. She is from Sinaia and together with her father covered the track in the Hobby class, proving that she is following in Adriana Neaga's footsteps, a more experienced rider and winner of the Girls category.

Hard Enduro Piatra Neamţ proved a successful experiment and judging by the competitors’ reactions the organizers decide to continue the project in 2012. Among those who took efforts to materialize this event is Dani Oţil. Dani practically somehow “took revenge” on Rienk Tunistra for the difficult track sections he had to face in the last three years at Red Bull Romaniacs. Besides, he put to torture his own team mate, Krisztian Nagy, competing in the Expert class at Hard Enduro Piatra Neamţ precisely to get trained and join this category at the most difficult hard-enduro rally in the world.


Piatra Neamt is a mountain town in north eastern Romania. The city of 135,842 inhabitants in 1992, 105,000 in 2006, is the chief town of the county Neamt and because of the architectural beauty of the landscape has taken the name of Pearl of Moldavia. In terms of industry is the second city of the county after the Roman city.

The city is located 350 km north of the capital Bucharest, in the historical region of Moldavia. The nearest airport is in Bacau, located 60 km south. Railway number 509 connects Bucharest and Piatra Neamt, Iasi. National road connecting the town of Bacau DN15 (there DN2 links to Bucharest), Iasi, Suceava and Targu Mures.

To come in Piatra Neamt you have the following access routes:
  • DN15 - from Bacau and Bicaz
  • DN15 C - from Targu Neamt, the road passing through Humulesti and Baltatesti
  • DN15 D - from the Roman road that passes through Girov
  • Railway line number 509 - Bacau-Bicaz
  • Bacau International Airport - has regular flights to cities in Italy (Bologna, Milan, Rome, Turin), Bucharest and Timisoara.
  • Iasi International Airport - is scheduled in Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Constanta and Timisoara.



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